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i answer anonymous questions you ask, because it's fun.


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2022-01-12 01:28
What is your ultimate creative ambition?
the ability to make art fast without losing quality
2022-01-11 22:47
Hello dave what is the greatest candy known to mankind
and is this website an ip grabber?
no unless you're the one who sent 30k-40k requests at my server attempting to destroy the website. i know exactly who did it and i hate them very much.
2022-01-11 11:52
What is your master password????
it's "password"
2022-01-10 08:43
tiktok or youtube shorts?
why not both?
2022-01-09 23:57
Do songs have to rhyme?
2022-01-08 03:31
so how obsessed is tina? what does she do? is she, like, S U P E R obsessed?
2022-01-06 20:52
why are there 3 people on the donator hall of fame even though there are only 2 people currently donating on your patreon.
because donations. there's actually more than that list but anonymous.
2022-01-06 20:47
who's the person who is MOST obsessed with your content
tina is my self proclaimed, #1 fan. so by definition she's the most obsessed.
2022-01-06 10:42
are pineapples made of pizzas
if so, why
2022-01-06 03:32
https://davecode.net/q+a/220106033220 OH for an addition to that question how about your Paypal? what's the largest donation value you have received on your Paypal?
zero dollars. no one has donated yet.
2022-01-06 03:32
what's the biggest pledge value on your patreon, out of the 2 patrons?
some cool crazy person donates like 20 a month or something. i think they are very nice.
2022-01-05 22:37
how to uh
2022-01-03 10:25
can my static site receive questions like yours
yes! look into netlify forms, or cloud function-based routes so you can handle a form submission. in the old days, i did this for my site, sent the questions to a discord webhook, then had my static site handle generating questions on the page. the system wasnt the best since you had to rebuild the ENTIRE site to publish new content, where that is no longer the case.
2022-01-03 04:22
how would you feel about somebody writing a song about you?
it would be an interesting feeling, i guess.
2022-01-03 04:22
thoughts on tubas?
not big enough.
2022-01-03 02:29
https://davecode.net/q+a/220102203347 no, i meant for THE LYRICS. what do i do there. i want to avoid underestimating/overestimating you.
with the other things, this just takes time to master. but one important thing is whatever you write has to fit into whatever the music is, or the other way around. i think the easiest way, but only since it's natural, is to write both at the same time. but then once you have a melody, you might want to repeat it with different words; at that point it's a game of what fits. also literary devices that you may have learned in school but now you're the one writing them.
2022-01-02 20:33
dave, the pressure got to me and now i'm writing a song about you, where do i start?
an idea, sketch it out, put it in a daw, add chords, add drums, add stuff, add voice, add add add... then win. it takes forever
2022-01-02 18:19
why the domain name changed from .me to .net??
2022-01-02 00:27
have you ever laughed so hard at a question or one of your own answers to a question?
2022-01-01 20:02
how long have you been with your girlfriend? Would you trade them for chocolate?
no since they are a source of chocolate.
2022-01-01 19:11
how the heck do you find the time to maintain a committed relationship with your girlfriend, and do all of your creative stuff, and spend time with your friends, all while still being in school? i'm impressed (and also slightly envious)
sometimes i [yawn] ask myself that.
2022-01-01 08:34
Hey Dave, your gifts as an artist are so sublime, I may very well be moved to tears!
i guess i will have to get you a housewarming gift for your new house in Cape Town.
2022-01-01 03:30
https://davecode.net/q+a/220101011911 how did you get a girlfriend?
she kinda just looked at me and things went from there
2022-01-01 01:34
Not really a question, but it's Zane. Wazzup Dave?
the ceiling
2022-01-01 01:19
apparently i saw your wallpaper and it looks like you have a girlfriend??? (or is it a sister?) is that true?