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i answer anonymous questions you ask, because it's fun.


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2022-01-01 00:29
Your pizza on pineapple link in one of the oldest questions is broken. what is it?!
its a pizza on pineapple
2022-01-01 00:28
How many pushups can you do
2022-01-01 00:24
whats the davecode dot net 2016 new years update going to be like
start making content
2021-12-30 21:18
you'll have to see
2021-12-30 09:46
are u gonna add Auto Answer questions
i don't know what that means. questions are asked so that you get a human answer, not an automated response.
2021-12-30 09:46
why am i obsessed with you and your questions page
because you want to know.
2021-12-30 09:14
what was the BIGGEST impact/influence you've made on the bill wurtz server? (example of an influence: the visual cover term)
i didn't know other people besides LunaPogi used that term.
2021-12-30 09:13
were you the one who brought programming to the bill wurtz server?
i don't know.
2021-12-30 08:17
what if you change the world, but don't like how it turns out.. can you change it again?
nope. the key is to not care, but not everyone says that's a good idea.
2021-12-29 04:36
are you gonna start an ARG
who says i didnt already start one that you're already in.
2021-12-29 01:45
https://davecode.me/q+a/211226195924 Other than text floating, and everything abstract, is everything else going to be REALISTIC??!!
2021-12-28 20:52
when elemental 4 back
when you make a time machine
2021-12-28 19:29
how feminine are you
not enough to be called feminine but not masculine enough to be the stereotype.
2021-12-28 09:03
is there gonna be a documentary/tutorial/video about programming soon???
no, but there will be details about how THIS site is programmed since that isnt a resource people have put online yet.
2021-12-28 08:46
are you and your friends enchanted to Fun 32767 yet?
2021-12-28 08:44
Hey DAVE could you try to use a command to TP ALL ENTITIES to you in the near future next time you have Fun with your friends
i could try
2021-12-28 03:55
what was the most FUN thing you've had?
a life
2021-12-27 22:26
schedule FUN things
2021-12-27 22:04
think out of the box
2021-12-27 22:04
Is it Thursday yet
2021-12-27 21:59
https://davecode.me/q+a/211227033419 But in the new instrumental break, I'm transitioning to a new scene. So I can't think of anything that makes sense with the previous scene. For example, "summary of the day out at sea" is a totally random idea in the Got Some Money visual cover, it just JUMPS to it. What do I do there then?
its not actually a random idea. it's a connecting point to the next scene that i had with the bridge. and the scene before it ends out on a dock next to water. all you gotta do is ... insert something sensible that connects before and after. take the viewer on a journey, but get them safely home.
2021-12-27 20:27
https://davecode.me/q+a/211227085851 W O A H ! How did you do that??
i asked my friend jonas and he asked his cousin matteo who asked his wife tracy who asked her non-binary friend alex in which they replied "i dont know".
2021-12-27 08:59
best scene in the money visual cover, in your opinion?
there's so many uniquely awesome things in that video, but for the sake of a question i'm gonna say the part with the 10 lights circling around "1000000000."
2021-12-27 08:59
WHEN do you answer the questions?
when ever
2021-12-27 08:59
Approximately HOW fast do you answer questions?
minimum time: 12 minutes, maximum time 8 business days. if you're wondering why the recent stream of questions have been answered so quickly, it's cause im currently deploying new changes to the q+a site and i need to test it out, which means digging through questions.