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2021-12-27 08:58
How can I just... RANDOMIZE. Like, think of a RANDOM idea on the spot.
peanut butter but its made out of lego bricks
2021-12-27 03:34
Dave, I am working on a new Visual Cover and there is an Instrumental Break that lasts for like 12 seconds or something. What do I do in the empty spaces without lyrics in a visual cover?
fill the space with what makes most sense. i've found that this is actually not the easiest, but it is possible.
2021-12-27 03:20
who started the visual cover fad on the bill wurtz server? was it YOU?
i didn't know there was one. as far as i know, i coined that term.
2021-12-27 03:19
did you inspire any people?
2021-12-26 23:47
how long have you been writing songs for and do you have any general tips
i know one of them i made the melody when i was 14 or so. i have yet to get any tips besides the audio recorder method.
2021-12-26 23:44
https://davecode.me/q+a/20211220200343 so wait, does this mean anyone'll be able to use that code to host their own questions page on their own website relatively easily? if so then that's pretty hype
unfortunatly, no. well, you can still look at my code to see how its setup, but a copy paste thing would not be allowed. however, the changes that are rolling out soon/now are making a copy of JUST the q+a thing very nontrivial because the code for databases, data structures, and apis are overly complex, making it hard to extract as-is. for example, if you want the davecode question page, you are now depending on a class (DavecodeAPI) that has ALL of the apis built into it; or if you copy the server side code for it, you're now needing to copy over the entire authentication system, since there is a fully fledged user + user permission system. code that you could copy paste for example, are the Question data structure itself (i think the back and forth paragraph compatibility it has is really dope, and taking that class would also give you the "Date ID" system i use (dates formatted as YYMMDDmmss) for the urls).
since there is no license yet, i'm going to have to think really hard how that's gonna go; it's not gonna be a simple MIT or GPL thing; that allows full copying and more dangerously: rehosting my entire website and stealing all my art that is the website itself.
tldr: license says no, code makes it hard to copy as is, you CAN and SHOULD look at the code and build your own system based off of it, but not directly copying.
2021-12-26 22:43
https://davecode.me/q+a/20211226200430 how many amethyst blocks did you place
2137 but i need like 16 more
2021-12-26 22:40
why is silly saturation so silly
2021-12-26 21:00
[on plane] HEY!! There's a passenger here who paid the same price as you did and he would like a taste of richness. What do you think?
this is davecode not spirit airlines. or wait no, they don't have the taste of richness, do they.
2021-12-26 20:33
How long you been coding and what all do you know
learning as a hobby for 8+ years and i know a little bit of everything but most of my skill points are thrown into web development.
2021-12-26 20:04
AYYYYY having fun lately?
oh for sure i just placed an inventory of amathyst in my minecraft server
2021-12-26 20:04
https://davecode.me/q+a/20211226052317 WOW! more info on that?
2021-12-26 19:59
when was the linux epoch
idk probably before yesterday
2021-12-26 19:59
gimme a linux timestamp
i randateon my vps:
Mon Dec 27 01:39:01 UTC 2021
2021-12-26 19:59
is the Mayday music vid going to be REALISTIC????????
no since text usually doesn't fly around in real life
2021-12-26 19:58
https://davecode.me/q+a/20211225204202 grrrrrrrrr YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH CHOCOLATE what's the type of chocolate you have most frequently consumed?
i lost the packaging but i had this really nice like choco+pb+fudge mix that was really good
2021-12-26 14:49
hi does this thing work now
which thing. i forgot.
2021-12-26 14:48
yo dave what's cookin' how many days have you already worked on the mayday music vid
too many, but it's becoming such an amazing production. taking a small sanity break around the holidays to catch up with friends and play some videogames, but i am focusing my efforts on something to publish around new years that shows off a bit of what i've kept secret.
2021-12-26 09:04
amendment to the render question: should i use EEVEE or CYCLES?
its a style preference. some scenes in my projects use eevee, some use cycles, some use fusion's software renderer, some use it's opengl one.
2021-12-26 07:52
what if... davecode was all just a d r e a m ?
it wasn't
2021-12-26 06:57
oh no has the money REALLY taken over you in the money visual cover
spending wise, yeah.
2021-12-26 06:57
why is javascript bad
it literally isn't.
2021-12-26 05:23
best render settings for rendering in blender? (eg. file format AVI JPEG or AVI RAW, quality of AVI JPEG, etc)
we use cryptomatte so 32-bit float OpenEXR files are required. since those get huge (20mb per frame), if we don't have any vfx planned thatneedscryptomatte we just use png sequences. alpha is included only if we need a fusion-generated background. i have no experience with blender exporting to a final video but a similar approach can be used. hope this helps.
2021-12-26 03:03
Why the f*ck does the Earth sit on a Cube?
so it doesnt fall off
2021-12-26 03:03
Will there be any cubes in the video for the Mayday song?