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i answer anonymous questions you ask, because it's fun.

have you ever been called boring


What are you gonna do for Christmas?


what is christmas

an official us holiday

When will the MayDay song release

when it's done

what's the plot of Mayday

there's something going on in the city

Why is it always this way

you tell me

https://davecode.me/q+a/20211006114710 Mmmmm, tasty. So how does that taste to you?


did you PURPOSELY start the "banana jenga" to stop people from knocking over the bananas again? (but they still knocked it anyway)


ok, that's 3/3. how about ALL TIME in your life, even external out of tiktok vids https://davecode.me/q+a/20211223053901

i don't keep track

HOW many times has anybody ever knocked over the bananas on the table in the tiktok vids


is something big gonna happen related to Davecode in January 2022?

yeah im basically gonna delete all of davecode.me on that date.

Do you ever ask questions to your own question page

only to make sure it works. if i have to test if the question publish code works, i just delete the posted question after responding, but if i need to test if the request sender works, i can hit the funky "delete" question in my dashboard.

Do you ever just-

all the time



https://davecode.me/q+a/20211215220632 Apparently, I know that "URL parameters" are ?key=value&key=value etc. What are THESE ones?

the thing after the ? is a query parameter. this gets confusing quick, so the framework i use only refers to the /route/[param]/etc as a param and the other as a query. read more how SvelteKit handles it here.

is this Q&A site opensourced?

no. the source will be made available around new years but that will not make it "open source" because the license for the code is gonna be really weird (to prevent people from rehosting direct copies)

are you gonna purposely use The Licc in your next song

not planned but i totally want to throw a lick in there.

are you going to be putting something CREATIVE in your next song??????


Dave, my Mom is annoying and claims to be my "die-hard fan" where she just keeps asking me about my next Video or whatever, just to make me happy. I talked to Mom about this and she said that she really IS my "die-hard fan".

What do I do to stop her from annoying me?

get someone else to be a competing die-hard fan and have a "who is the biggest fan" battle.

or just politely ask to not.

do you yes

yeah i'll be doing a visual cover of a yes song in the future.

Best video you've made in your opinion?

i didn't make it yet.

Hey, Dave. I have currently been having trouble with my life. Every day, I'm sad about myself that I spend a lot of time on the computer with no time for useful activities/other stuff, with the knowledge that I am going to die one day, and I don't wanna live a life using the computer all the time.

What's your best advice for this? Thank you.

you've come to the wrong place since i'm the same way, but i wouldn't consider the computern to be a non-useful activity. to each their own though.

why is it always this way

because no one offered to change it.

thoughts on [[THE GUY WE ALL HATE]]

we hate that

is there gonna be an upcoming video with like calming music and all your moral values and life lessons that you have learnt in it?


how did you get so many friends irl

i forgot. i'm an introvert so it makes it more confusing.

how many bananas do you have

gave them all away so 0

opinion on bananas?


having fun lately?

way too many hours on minecraft with friends (loving the new caves). it's causing content delays but whatever

how many friends do you have

i lost count but more than 1 so that's healthy

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

a healthy amount

will your next song feature a bass slide


will your next song feature a groovy bassline like in bill wurtzs songs? please, I'm starving

you will be the judge of that

Hey Dave, I just dreamed that your song "mayday" was out last night and it featured a NEW art style that suddenly swooped across everywhere... and all the musics on the music page had cover art in that art style. It's like a cartoonish doodle style that looks NOTHING like your current style.

sounds cool.

Also When's Mayday gonna come?

when it's done

When the music phase is done will you be able to play instruments like guitar, drums, and bass?

i would love to learn how to play real instruments, but the most important thing to play is the keyboard since you can synth up any instrument you want.

https://davecode.me/q+a/20211210233107 no, i meant put psuedo-pages like these on a website or something

they are called url parameters in the thing i use.

why does it say "your question was not sent" when i ask a question, even though you always end up somehow answering it anyway

because a lot of changes with the code are being done and i broke the ui. the new code actually rewrites a lot of api stuff to be really easy for me to fetch dynamic data on the webite.... which may be documented here and here. ;)

do you think you're gonna promote your new song/video on tiktok, by posting short & loopable fragments from it? tiktok's algorithm is crazy good at picking things up and pushing them to a lot of people (if a tad unpredictable), so i think it would be a good idea

i do plan to make a short loopable version of the first verse, maybe.

elemental 4? will it ever come out

it already did like a year or more ago?

is there gonna be an "oooooooh" or an "aaaaaaaah" or something in your next song?

more like aaayyyyyy and eeeeeee. gotta spice it up a lil.

what's with the power outage?

my power never went out.

are you a baka


Is davecode going to have lore or a cinematic universe? Are the videos that you make going to be connected? (eg. the thing that you got is canon in the davecode universe, also featured in other videos)


are you going to put a place on your website for all your deep thoughts and moral values and life lessons?


what's the longest video on your idea list?

the one thousand something second one

what's the shortest video on your idea list

1.5 seconds or something.

do you care at all about how many people see or enjoy the content you create, or is it purely for enjoyment/self-fulfilment?

the self. that's why i havent gotten to making some pages i've linked to, but i'll totally link to the apps page but it will 404 until a few months later when i actually make it. i do that alot. however, earlier i was having some site issues so i did install some analytics to see how much viewership i actually have and WOAH.

how did you learn how to use chords

i asked the letter G

WhAt country has the most states?

you forget that country and state are sometimes the same thing.

how to pronounce j


how do i link to "psuedo-pages" that are not really there, but display another page? for example, davecode questionpermalinks™ and davecodeIDs™

question permalinks are /q+a/[YYMMDDHHMMSS], artifact permalinks are /[id].

What's the most valuable life lesson that you have learned?

you never stop learning, and you truly know nothing.

what's the loudest part in your next song?


is your next song going to include a special chord?

i forgot the chord progressions already, but it probably has something spicy.

https://davecode.me/q+a/20211209012343 ...including yourself?

not letting yourself stop you is sometimes an important challenge you have to overcome, but also at times you will have to stop yourself.

expectations for davecode?


also how and why do you think davecode is growing exponentially?

it's growing at a constant rate, at least from a development standpoint. if you mean from an audience standpoint; i have absolutely no idea, or care.

show me ur chocolate collection lol

there is no collection it has already been eaten.

Have you ate chocolate today?


The next song is called "mayday", which means "an international radio distress signal used by ships and aircraft." This could mean your song has to do with distress or is a cry for help.

Will the thing that you got in "I got this thing" help you survive whatever you are having trouble with in the mayday song?

you're thinking too hard.

Or is the song not about that?

Are weird questions being posted here? It's bad and I cannot change it. They seem to be doing this on every page with forms, because I saw this somewhere else with a form.

weird questions sometimes come in, that's what the [DENY] button on my dashboard is for.

how many ideas are on your ideas list,

at least 40

and do you think you'll ever do them all

why not

why is the letter "h" so funni

maybe because it's pronunciation is so weird

Is the next song going to be life-changing? Heartwarming? Inspiring?

it's a love and escape song.

oh hey, what's your opinion on going outside? kthxbye

quite cold outside so i'd avoid at the moment if possible.

How can you think of those SUPER meaningful words that you put in your songs?

use your brain, and don't let anyone stop you.

when is the mayday song going to release?

when the video is done

how much meaning is going to come in the mayday song's lyrics?

just the right amount.

what's the mayday song about?

a situation in the city.

meow (what do you think about the trees on this planet)

meow (i like them a lot. if only people stopped burning them to the ground)

Parles-tu français ?

i dont speak croissant.

Stay tuned for 01-01-22

that isn't a question.

how much seconds is your longest video

the longest video on the idea list is well over 1000. the longest published one is about 205 or so.

who is daves favorite person


hi dave

what's up

do you have a favorite fictional character or characters at the moment? and if so, who?

at the moment i havent really been consuming much media, so it's really hard for me to think of any characters.

(i really want to answer this question with a character but it's been 10+ minutes, so i will leave you without a character)

why am i short

wrong number.

have ya ever made a game before


what is up my dude

clouds drawn with the grease pencil

so like hows it goin i guess


What is the proper way to write a neural network?

how about you write an ai that figures out the best way to do that.

what is 9+10


what was your favroite element in elemental 4?


https://davecode.me/q+a/20211127044718 has the word "options" lost its meaning yet? (semantic satiation)

at the time, yes

do you live in a big city, small village, or somewhere inbetween

somewhere in between

what's your ethnicity, nationality, and religion

i honestly forgot

What dictionary did carykh pick random words from when he forgot to put a Cary acronym and said "Cary... kaleidoscope... hoarder?" I forgot.

sorry, wrong number

Send me the link!


what was the most nonsense thing you put in the mayday song

all of it has sense.

what was the most recent "semi-accurate-object-labeling" that you put in your new in-progress music video? what did you label it as and what did it look like?

i'm not sure what this is talking about. everything is named either the default or what the object would be.

what are the pros of svelte?

there's less code to write vs react, but it's more cutting edge technology that is unstable and new.

any plans to make "Phoenix, Write" open source or to add more? i love the idea for the game but i've never seen something similar to it elsewhere

it already is! but the game is getting renamed to "Capslaw", a more generic game engine for this style of typing challenge, with "Phoenix, WRITE!" being one of the built-in campaigns. GUI tools for authoring custom levels, cutscenes, and campaigns coming soon, i just don't know exactly when.

i'm excited for the video too! if you're able to guess, what percentage of the way through making the video are you?


have any of your friends/family heard your song already

yes. there's a lot of positive feedback from the people i've sent it to. i am excited for the video.

how do you decide whether to use a full stop at the end of your answers or not

if i remember to or not.

what's the funniest thing you ever saw in programming? like explode in php

the time i wrote something that was like

options: (options.options as any).options

or something in that fashion.

what’s your favourite part of the next song?

the way i say "please" in the lyrics hits so hard.

how long does the next song last for?

3 minutes and 47 seconds

is your next song called “mayday”?


i <3 typescript. do u? y?

this whole website is written with it, of course i love it.

how many words are in your next song's title


why do you have such a high-res screen???