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i answer anonymous questions you ask, because it's fun.

How hard is programming

it is hard but it gets easier the more time you spend on it.

and what program for programming would you recomend?

visual studio code. i program with javascript/typescript but you can use anything.

what are some twitch streamers that you enjoy watching

i don't spend much time on twitch or most of social media on the consumption side, except for tiktok, which i scroll through sometimes. i like how you dont have to choose what to watch, it's the opposite of how davecode works, a site where you choose exactly what you want and there are no tools that select stuff for you, besides a nonexistant randomizer.

do you have a second favorite food other than chocolate?


do you try other chocolate stuff like chocolate truffles or something with chocolate in it?


who buys you chocolate?

my dontators, my girlfriend, and maybe even myself if i am feeling extra spicy.

are you gonna be making a song/video about chocolate?


also, i recently started eating dark chocolate and FOR SOME REASON IT MADE ME LESS LAZY TO MAKE VIDEOS, is that why you love chocolate?


how is


do u like beans? what's the opposite of a bean?

a neab; plural sneab.

have you heard of SQUARE ONE TV? it's a seriously underrated television program about maths

i have not.

how do you write your songs? do you just write down the lyrics and remember the melody (if there is one) or just have another way of storing the melody? please explain

audio recordings + memorization. use your phone's audio recorder and sing it, however this requires being decent at singing.

would you be surprised if bill wurtz's newest song was called "DAVE / CODE"?


What will Davecode be like in 2 years?


How do I develop a good melody?

this is hard. i don't have any good tips for this besides to practice and keep trying!

will you fix elemental 4?


what would you program if you were bored

an overly complex personal website

have you had oreo chocolate


do u like milk chocolate?

it's okay.

What is this

the q&a page

have you tried changing things and breaking patterns, having them stay the same and making patterns, changing them between staying the same and changing, and changing the pattern to which you make and break those patterns?

yes! I do this alot.

would you (if you had the time) revive Elemental 3 or would you make a new Elemetel Ps. I like your videos :)


https://davecode.me/q+a/211120144829 just a bit of constructive criticism here, i noticed the piano that echoes the vocal melody drowns out the vocals a bit, especially the words "always this way". like you can still make out the words, but they're noticeably much quieter than the piano. could just be my headphones though. that being said, i'm still super excited for the song/video and to see you grow as an artist in the future. good luck dude :3

I will take this into account during mixing.

https://davecode.me/q+a/211110041747 where can i listen to the "mayday song" mentioned here? idk where to find it

when i finish it you can find it on the music or videos page

Do you sugoma nuts?


how many letters are in the title of your next song?


i know you like chocolate… so what are your thoughts on vanilla?

ALSO very good.

Dave, your content is AMAZING! At this rate, you're gonna EXPLODE! I'm calling all my friends to subscribe to this underrated channel. Hope you blow up soon!

don't fret i plan on increasing the rate 100 fold as soon as i can.

Hiya, Davecode! Your best fan

i know for a fact that you are not tina, so don't claim to be her.

has asked another question on the site. Today's question: How do I do this effect? https://youtu.be/b9x-4JxSxjQ?t=44

you're asking the wrong dave, but i would start by opening your editing software.


what is the password to the vault?

i forgot

[SYSTEM] Congratulations on answering the questions! You were awarded 50 points.

thank you

are you famous?

no and yes

what's your definition of fame?

being well known by others

and how would you deal with fame?

not being famous, trying not to let it get to my head

How did you come up with the paper aeroplane branding?

random icon i found on font awesome. then earlier this year i actually drew the icon myself. i love it.

What happened to elemental 4? and why cant i play elemental 7 it says "server not found"

what the fuck is "elemental 7". i only made elemental 4. then took it down due to unforeseen scaling issues.

is ralsei your fav character in deltarune? mine is

there's too many and they're all written way too well.

what is the newest elemental?

i don't know. go ask someone else.

Question: i want to write something funny to make you laugh, what is your favorite funny

the truth

can you put all of your games in one spot


do you like robloz

i don't know what that is, but as for roblox i do not play it.

true or false: you like to anser funny things like true or false: from a scale of 8-3 what is your favorite color of the alphabet (yes i did copy paste that)


will you give anyone hints to the vault?

once i make actual passwords work, hell yeah



What comes next?           69 or colour 769

{"question":"why does nobody ask questions anymore?"}

{"answer":"that would be horribly incorrect"}

will you ever release the HTML file or "builtversion" of Pheonix, Write! for download?

it literally is released online and open source. if you really care for the zip file i can prebuild you one, but that shouldn't be needed.

true or false: from a scale of 8-3 what is your favorite color of the alphabet

all of the above

When a doctor doctors a doctor, does the doctor doing the doctoring doctor as the doctor being doctored wants to be doctored or does the doctor doing the doctoring doctor as he wants to doctor?

i would ask your doctor.

if you were to collab with anyone on a project, who would you collab with?

ashley, grace, and jules. not at the same time, but they're all very interesting people that are good with creativity.

what is your favorite game

"answer the questions" which in a few days i will be able to do with RTX Graphics.

When you go shopping at school what is you favorite coloured crayons to drink true or false?


How much chocolate have you ate?

not enough.

are you a citizen of the world?

i think/hope.

do you have your chocolate with milk or some other food?


or do you believe that nothing goes better with chocolate than chocolate and whatever you're having with the chocolate?

more chocolate works.

have a chocolate-filled day

you didn't have to say that last part

https://davecode.me/q+a/211112062853 where can i send you some chocolate?


what is your favorite food?

chocolate. send me some please.

https://davecode.me/q+a/211110041641 Oh. I didn't mean that, I meant something like "working on the content side stuff" or "working on probably software" something

i write them down on the computer, see other questions for some details on this process. but the key is you have to make your songs your own, which unfortunatly i cannot help with much.

https://davecode.me/q+a/211110041747 Cool! What songs should I listen to for inspiration?

i really don't know anything for this. i'm too stuck up in my own creativity to remember any other things, but i know bill wurtz was a huge inspiration to me. also yes but they are quite old.

are you american

i am but i might actually choose to identify as something else

What would you do if you became president of the US, or whatever country you live in?


opinion on svelte?


Are you aware that if you use two numbers for years in dates, by the year 2100, everything will go wrong?

i log my files with the 21 prefix. if you're looking at questions, ill just add a 1 once it goes past 2016.

how would you feel if someone started playing ace attorney because of your game?

i think that would be pretty hilarious.

Hey dave how do u write ur songs

with my mind.

any songwriting tips? thabk

you start with a core idea, then develop a really god damn catchy melody+lyrical bits. Look at the mayday song's chorus for example, it's a really memorable melody, with some very meaningful stuff packed in them.

if youre unsure on what core idea is, take a walk outside a bit.

What do you do for permalinks with questions that are asked on the microscopically same millisecond?

adjust them to be one full second later

Ayyyyyy, I heard your game got 2nd


place in the Ludwig Jam! Congratulations, man.

Now, here's the question: Could you add a page to show what you are currently doing with the website/davecode project?

I already did.

Can't wait for new videos, thank you! BZY BZY BZY-

dave caruso whats your country


Why are we here just to suffer?


congrats on 2nd place in lud jam

this is not a question

do u use pure js to make this site


What do you f*cking hate?


am i bored?


https://davecode.me/q+a/211103002938 oh no are you actually getting relationships from your content


are u orangnsfw1


an extension from the a dance of fire and ice / rhythm doctor permission email: can i use music bits and fragments like "weird beat" and "another god damn list bgm"?

yes but link to davecode.me for those, but i'd be curious what time machine model you have since that page doesn't exist at the moment.

have all the vault codes been set up already?


okay, if elemental 4 isn't coming back, what about elemental lite?

at some point ill get my static games back on the server somewhere. probably when the "games" page goes up i'll get that all working.

what brand/type of chocolate do you mostly consume?

they are all good

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do,
I'm half crazy just for the love of you,
it wont be a stylish marriage,
I cant afford a carriage,
but you look sweet on a seat, on a bicycle built for two.

you're sending your love limerick to the wrong person. i'll forward this to daisy for you. this is also not a question.

what is your favorite kind of chocolate? (milk, dark, white, mint, etc.)


https://davecode.me/q+a/211029234528 Was Phoenix, WRITE! inspired by Friday Night Typin?

we were actually gonna build a video game version of that but lost interest due to it being too hard and timmy theorized it would have a lack of interest. he then showed me the ludwig jam and saying that it might fit that, then a few days later, the game you see today was born.

i should note that the context of the video is built around a lot of inside jokes about my private discord bot, so an outsider to understand it is going to be hard.

did you intend on making the throw soundtrack have an asian-like style?

no. i dont know what about that ost makes it asian, probably because i've never gone to asia.

Balloony: Wheres my prize? I demaand a prize! Now! Dave: You are not getting one.

have a question permalink as your prize.


are u above 18


can you make elemental 4?

i am certain i already did, twice.

i hate you


Phoenix, WRITE! is AMAZING. How did you get the idea for it?

the thing on my mind was a rhythm game using the entire keyboard, then timmy suggested we get around the jam's DMCA rule by using twitch clips

how much chocolate energy is required daily for davecode production? (in bars of chocolate)


Are you going to be making your own DAW for making music??


Why is it so hard to have time for everything, and then even if we had all the time we would still be too lazy to do it all.

it's easier said than done. i get this feeling a ton. you think of something and how cool it'l be when you get it, but when it comes time to actually do the thing, it's so intimidating that you cant.

my solution for this is just to force yourself to take the dive, and actually do it. that's how a lot of Pheonix, WRITE!'s features were implemented. i was dreading the code for the duet but i actually got it down in a short amount of time after i forced myself to start working on it.

anyways, ashley is a good example of someone who can force themself to do the task. and v3rb is not so good at this.

Actually if we had all the time don't you think we would all just lay in bed everyday doing nothing?

oh fuck yeah. but that's not how our world works, does it?

what are the vault passcodes

i haven't decided. but also i have. its a paradox.

when will people shut up about elemental 4 its been dead for months

hasn't it been dead for more than that? either way they will never shut up.



a question

an answer

what's in X:\Media\Audio and how did you make the sound effects in there (for example the ones in I Got This Thing and Place Your Bets)

i remember mentioning the X:\ drive but its actually moved to C:\Cloud, either way i think the SFX you are talking about are a part of free sample packs, which i have over 30gb of. i am not allowed to share the packs directly, and i forget the origins of a handful of them. this goes for most of stuff in the media store, which is worrying because there is original assets in there that i made, and due to the current organization, i cannot share any of it easily.

maybe it's better i keep my media store private, that way i can feel more original while others have to find their building blocks themselves.

will elemental 4 come back?

maybe if you make it yourself.

what is the treehouse supposed to be?

a cool place to have cool things.

can i answer questions and pretend to be you


ok, what specific part of your content/website are you working on <b>now?</b> i am really looking forward to what you come up with next for the davecode project, even though i don't know where it'll go. thanks

PROBABLY the software bit. theres gonna be 3 pages to this: apps, games, and nerd gear. they are different types of software, they get their own pages. in the meantime, the next game im releasing tomorrow will be on itch.io

are any of the passwords to the vault hidden in your videos?

maybe???? i honestly forgot.


this is not a question

What's the code for the vault?

i forgot

why do you have such a high-res screen???