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I think most people can’t hear relative pitch. Idk much about music but I’m glad the video helped you. Are you open to new ideas?

always open

XVDHAE7;)£grx );8/)hfjsjd);!2!zjfkfozj

not a question.


i like this number.


https://davecode.net/q+a/220513102721 Why did you respond in all caps? Also I should have told you that if you suspect you’re tone deaf there’s YouTube videos you can watch. Look up a tone deafness test.

i've since went to them and the results off the top of my head were "not tone deaf" but "not even relative pitch," but there was something more interesting i learned on a tiktok video on accident: not being able to hear yourself, or worse, hearing yourself at a slight delay or pitch shift completely messes up your ability to sing. this is significant because my setup doesn't give any feedback into my ears (i wear headphones) so i'm just singing blindly. so i'm gonna look into all this when i get back to doing music production (currently on a wild code spree)

what’s a color that no one has seen yet?

i don't think ive specifically shown anyone grey 600 (from my website color palette)

Can the parrot sound like me?

maybe if you sound like the parrot, then the parrot will sound like you.

Your response to the good at singing and bad at singing questions demonstrate a high level of maturity and non-stupidity that I honestly believe is not present in 95 percent of internet users. Never forget that an empty compliment is 1000x worse than a wholehearted insult.

of course

On the topic of improving, have you found out if you’re tone deaf or not?


Why are you so good at singing?

this is the exact opposite of what [email protected] says and its equally infuriating when i get this feedback. it's awful. though it is a question so i don't know what i'm supposed to expect.

Are you a fan of Don Hertzfeldt?

i have never heard of this guy before

Why are you so bad at singing?

i am aware of that and what i've seen so far is it just takes time. if you have practical tips maybe you can get in touch over at [email protected] and explain every way i'm bad at singing. the goal is improvement, and i had to start somewhere.

how many hats do you own

anywhere from 3 to 300,000

do you like your music

it can be improved

Why is j in the english language pronounced /dʒ/ and not /j/

i've never understood pronunciation but i'm just going to assume that the /y/ was taken or some other language does something.

https://davecode.net/q+a/220508062911 can you share your megaplaylist


Will you go to prom with me? -from your girlfriend


Do you like jello?

it's neat

How many landmasses have you been to?

a few

Favourite songs?

similar to the favorite song i made question. so the most recent song i added to my megaplaylist is this cool instrumental by bob james Where the Wind Blows Free hold on THIS WAS PUBLISHED ON MY BIRTHDAY TWO YEARS AGO WOAH. actually no spotify says it was from 1977 and no exact date.

If someone asked you what your favourite song you've made was, what would you answer?

it would be me complaining that i couldn't answer with a song that i've started writing but havent finished producing and publishing. but i also think it's hard to set a single favorite one. maybe at the current exact time, my favorite could be "mystery of life" or the song about the meteor, because the former has a really sick groove and feel to it (status=in production), and the latter has overall really good lyrics and melody (status=writing).

Is "pontification" autological?

i just googled both of those words and i believe pontification is not autological

You’ve said that your friends bully you about your music. Could you elaborate on that?

i don't recall saying exactly that but what i will say exactly is i think that a lot of people don't take this project very seriously.

Are your songs satirical in nature?


Do you like Spore

it's a really nice game

would you ever seek out bill wurtz's technical expertise by asking him a question?

already did. the issue was, at the time (this was years ago) we realized nothing about our workflows overlap at all. even now i don't think that much of our workflow overlaps despite both of us using blender now.

You strike me as a thief. Tell me why you think that is.

i rob you of your time.

What's the best country in the world?

they all suck

You got a topic channel? (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC95DcqJZa4IposqIB_U1e5Q)

yeah. all musicians get one.

whats the next video project?

now that i'm not held by a date for any of my projects i want to have a nice experience making the videos, so the first step is figuring out how to make them without my computer lagging. keep in mind i have high end hardware, so a better computer is not the answer to this.

Assuming everything has a similar quality is there a form of hierarchy that determines how good everything is relative to each other

no, though if you isolate the same one aspect about everything, you might be able to find something that is "better" than another, but there is another property of [things] that you might ignore called "your personal opinion."

why did you close elemental 4?

i don't think there's a single reason in the universe to not have closed it.

meow (when r ya gonna do thursday series or "random", unique vids again?)

really soon

do you think you'll go west, and if so, where?

yes, but remember that every point is some amount west (and south) of where you were prior.

what is your favorite snack?


not a question but happy birthday.

thank you

https://davecode.net/q+a/220425222531 is there a reason why you're waiting 26 days after finishing the video to release it? why not release it when it's finished?

if i did it any time before, it wouldn't make it true.

what make the car to take long to start when i just putting petrol in the tank?

it needs some more motivation. consider directing vast amounts of electricity towards the engine.

Hello! Take the first letters of "Dave" and "Caruso", and then swap them.

Here's my opinion on Cave Daruso:

I'm sure Cave Daruso is a cave, and that it has a lot of stuff in it. I think the stuff will be usable, because of the "uso" in there. Also, apparently DAR is an American non-profit organization, so I think it is in the United States.

However, that is not a question. What is your opinion on Cave Daruso?

might be friends with mt. daruso

your most recent video is titled "mayday" and May Day falls on 1 May. your next video will release around 30 April, a day before May Day. one video after "mayday", one day before May Day. pretty neat, huh?

this is an example of getting the right answer through the wrong means. there's a much simpler reason why i'm waiting until april 30th to release the new song (song and video was finished around apr 4)

what is it like to be in love?

love is the word that describes it. you won't know what it feels like until you truly experience it.

heaven doesn't exist

who told you that

are you going to trivia friday night or not?

one of these days

suggestion: add reactions to q+a



pretty damn long ago. near the start.

what is your ideal roadtrip idea?

hopefully on a road.

meeeoooowww (https://davecode.net/q+a/220418073248 dang it yer "paper"plane, ya loki'd meh! yeah, i'm aware it's not a question tho)

me-eow (what would ya buy at the corner store in bill's universe)

a corner

meow mew (do you wish you were something else instead of a bein' a programmer)

i wish i never got into it; too much time wasted making things way more complex than needed. music and videos wouldve been fun. but hey i get to do it this way, which makes me a little unique.

ah okay thanks, but i want a laptop currently for the portability. can you recommend some?

don't get something too cheap, or too expensive, unless you know exactly what you are wanting to do with it. check the specifications because if you don't you might accidentally buy yourself something worse than a chromebook in terms of usability. brands i would go to because i know their laptops are decent: lenovo, dell, and apple.

What do you think of RSS feeds? (I like them)

i think they are cool though I have not used them. And yeah, it would be neat to see davecode content through an RSS feed. I'm getting to that eventually.

also would you recommend buying your xps? cuz i've owned a lot of dells previously (including one xps) and all of them used to overheat :(

do not recommend, why i refused to give a clear point of what exact laptop model. i actually dont recommend going the overkill computer route unless you have purpose to push the hardware past it's limit. though this laptop doesnt really have too much overheating issues; i remember there was a linux bug or something that led this thing to not shutting its fan off + maxing out cpu frequencies, and damn near preparing this thing to melt. other than that its usually pretty good at stuff but it will not run "cool." if you can get by with a desktop you should do that.

should i play one of your songs at my next gym class


cool specs. can you tell us your laptops model number? ty <3

dell models are really weird because there are multiple with the same model number, or i'm confusing them around. i also do not see much point to this. it's a dell xps 15, with really nice specs, from about 2-3 years ago.

if the human body is 60% water, is drinking water 60% cannibalism


I don't know, is it?

is what

miaow, meow (this asker below me doesn't know any gud questions to ask,

i thought the computer spec question was good.

, anyway, what do ya think inside of fragile box in unboxing video could be?)

another box that is even more fragile

meow (how would ya wanted your community to be?)


meow (how would ya feel bout' da word "meep"?)

depends how high the meep is, it might fall out of my hearing range!

what PC &/or laptop do you use? and specs?

tldr: nearly maxed out

i am generally against giving out spec and software information as it might entice someone to spend money they probably don't need to spend to do what they want to do, but my desktop is so far down the upgrading rabbit hole that only a stupid person would actually copy my setup:

desktop is a custom built desktop around end of last year (one of the worst times to build a computer since i was born), it has an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, 64GB 3200MHz DDR4 ram from T-Force, a 1tb WD_BLACK SN850 ssd, and one Nvidia RTX 3090 Founders Edition, all thrown on some asus motherboard in a Meshify C case. yeah, its overkill. the motive for the highest end gpu was so DaVinci Resolve would run without frame drops, but that is not the case and it still runs like dog shit, i am looking into alternative software/writing my own program. i paid for this using various life savings and a part time job, and took advantage of a lot of discounts on parts.

laptop is about 2 years old and is a Dell XPS 15. has an 8 core i9-9980HK and a Nvidia GTX 1650M. my stepdad bought me this computer for christmas of 2019, and overkilling the specs i asked for.

and no nothing i have has RGB lighting, i do that in post production.

What are you scared of?


https://davecode.net/q+a/220414024030 Also, I noticed you have a SPECIAL keyboard in the Framerate Issue video. The one that has a RED key, multiple gray colors, and a wheel thingy? What is it?

the speed editor, it came when i bought my copy of fusion/resolve.

when will this website be done

by the time i die

How many keyboards/external input devices do you have? Could you list them down?

i am macro starved right now so its not what you're expecting. idk if these are all considered input devices by your standards but they do input data so:

  • main mechanical keyboard
  • drawing tablet
  • davinci resolve speed editor
  • a mouse
  • midi keyboard with 49 keys
  • a camera
  • an xbox kinect

what font do you use the most in your videos

signika is the one youre thinking of. however, if you're about to just grab it and use it to make stuff exactly the same as i do, think of something else; you'll feel more unique choosing something like josefin or nunito. also i am using a new font on alot of experimental things, across website AND videos, which is recursive, as it has a lot of variable axes and looks overall nice.

what is ur next video


why 24fps not 30?

i accidentally set it at 24 and i cant undo that. the video after the one im publishing soon will be back at 30fps. if you check mayday and ones before should be at 30fps. but also some were at 25fps. default settings are stupid.

thoughts on richard the rock and john the stick


are you related to the strider's

unfortunatly, no.

be weird. Go for a walk try to have a good time.

i will think about this one.

meow (what r ya goin' to do when you're 18)

sing about it, and maybe drink some water

can you ask me a question?

that is physically impossible.

help me with homework

select C on your next multiple choice answer

how to read at 500 wpm is my favorite video of yours because I feel like you really nailed your own style with it, how do you feel about my opinion?

i want to do some more stuff with fast motion graphics in whatever my style is cause i dont do those enough.

is there a limit to how many questions i can ask you

yes but please do not test that limit

Opinion of chord notation?

it's really really really really really fancy and i would answer with a really really clever joke but i do not know enough about them and im tired right now.

is it ok if i steal ideas from your website?

make sure to feel original when doing so. there's one thing i'd like to see someone else do which is what "the vault" is, cause i don't really plan to do anything to that (i don't really see the need to hide too much, and the vault was really off-topic anyways)

svelte vs react?

react is an industry standard and svelte is really nice to use. if you're looking at going into the industry react is a must but if you wanna be on the edge of new technology give svelte a try.


that is nice to hear

Can you answer this question with a different colour?

it is possible

Any tips on making my website accessible? (as in accessibility, like, for screenreaders and such)

basics: run lighthouse and see your accessibility score

if there was hypothetically a twitter "quote bot" dedicated to you would it be weird or welcomed, or both (be honest)

it would be a little odd

which wave is better, sin(x) or cos(x - (π/2))

sine waves are always my favorite no matter how identical cos(x - (π/2)) is.

can you do some cool dancing and formatting

just you wait

1. are coats good or are they bad

they protect you from the cold a little bit

2. what is your opinion on question 1

it's a pretty standard question

What is your opinion on the song "mayday" by dave caruso

he needs to improve his singing

do you think the Riemann hypothesis is true


What do you think of the following cars:
1. Honda Civic
2. Toyota Corolla
3. Ford F150
4. ferarri lamborghini
5. Any car from chevrolet

i've only driven the f150 and maybe a chevrolet. i'm not too into cars and with the limited experience i have with the 5 above, this is going to be very biased/wrong. i can definitely say that they all definitely drive.

meow (how nerdy nerd r u)

too nerdy for even myself to handle so be careful

where has the fun gone

nowhere. the fun has stayed a constant level.

thabk you for being great!

you're supposed to send these types of questions to yourself

why are you answering blank questins with blank answers?

these few are a result of a few things

  • being lazy to remove them
  • the new question system supporting a "rejected" case where it shows that for direct links, but NOT on the main listing.
  • the fact that the "dev2" branch that this change is on is stuck in limbo until a few other website things are fixed, including the new homepage, which is not currently responsive and will break on mobile devices, it also changes a lot of the site's design so i have had to change alot of other pages just to get the thing to look the same (the videos page had a lot of work done but overall it looks nearly identical).

you can ignore those blank questions, i'll get to fixing it in the next few weeks or so...

i promise it's all worth the wait... i hope.

how should i answer my existential problems when i am still young

exist and make the most of it

meow (r friends gud to have)

sometimes, be careful and make friends with only the best. for example, my best friends know my content isnt a joke and [negatively] laugh and bully it.

how’s ya day today?

i think im okay

define ‘O’

it's a letter

what’s the meaning of life?

have a good time, but also survive life. either way, please don't waste the time you have.

oh no wear is my pink tutu

on you

how is creative tool kit going?

horid. im using davinci resolve because it runs finally but halfway into making mayday i found that it doesnt really run. or to be specific it hates my current graphics card's 4gb of VRAM. i'm looking into the newer ones but they are a tad of money especially in the current market.

the toolkit is being remade (again) but as a completely different thing, this time looking at actually streamlining the video production process instead of overcomplicating it. the first thing i want in it is the ability to take an mp3 file, then annotate EVERY point in the file where something happens: lyrics, accent percussion, random sounds. then be able to drive all keyframes off of those instead of having to manually place them ever time, as that is the main killer for time i think right now

theres some other plans that build off the marker tool for animation and recording but ill consider the possibilities later so i dont overwhelm myself

but but but but. that isnt happening yet. my next video has a very time-relevant deadline that i cant just push a few days later, let alone months or years of development and theorizing. so THAT music video is being done right NOW with the same shitty tech we made mayday on. i improved my voice a bit and the general song production process, but it still is nowhere near perfect.

please ask this question again in a few months thanks

even when I'm outside there is nothing to do what now?

keep looking. the world is too big to have nothing interesting.

do you know

i know

From what country are you?

i'm from the United States, which you may have heard of. I haven't ever heard of it until i started living in it.

do you love moi?

i'm not sure. do you?

in the sentence, "it takes two in love," what is "it"?

the game of love. it's not a one-player game.

I had a dream that you were a really good painter. And you hid little dogs in your paintings and posted them to your website as games. Find all the little dogs. And I dreamt I found them, Dave. All 15 of them.

maybe there are hidden dogs

touch grass

let's do it together

is your content inspired by jam2go

i never heard of this creator but yeah my content is inspired by them

is your content inspired by jam2go

i never heard of this creator but yeah my content is inspired by them

gdzie są moje pieniądze z komunii?

on the way

what is the next video gonna be

a song about my age

can i have permission to start a fanbase for your content, or are you more like a museum

this website is the museum.

Stuck inside nothing to do so what can i do?

get outside

Opinions on pizza?

you should put toppings on it

what software do you use for making thumbnails

same as the videos: blackmagic fusion and blender. but after the next video i'm going to switch the software up.

make me an anagram

make a mean nag ram

Does the government know I am asking this question?

unless you told them, probably not

is it thursday or monday in new zealand

depends when you check. for example when I'm answering this question it is Tuesday.

how did you make a answers and questions page?

sveltekit and mongodb stuff. i won't go too in depth to how the structures are defined since that is a currently changing situation and is in itself very complex.

when you send a question, that goes to a sveltekit endpoint that throws your request in a database. when i go to the question respond page, it then shows me the question requests, i type a response using a gui editor (for doing multiple paragraphs, and so on), then send the resulting answer to the question database. the public pages just pull from the database and so does the search. client side code and server side code.

Do I have to learn Svelte? I heard that Svelte makes it easier, but complex Javascript URGH!

you of course can go the entire full-stack adventure that i currently have, but if you want a lower tech solution, you can utilize free form systems like netlify forms / google forms / discord webhooks, then you just push a new version of the website with the new data. this can be combined with what i mention below about svelte.

the scripting only gets as complex as you let it. you will see there are quadrillions of benefits of moving to component based website construction, and if svelte isn't your style you also have react and vue. there's some other frameworks too that you can look up to build your website, but i do know react is a gold standard that isn't going anywhere (unlike sveltekit being very experimental; they changed a bit of how API routes are written so that has been one of the many blockades i've had to deal with updating my site and getting the new homepage out). now, one of the benefits of this component based architecture is the fact that once you have a component for displaying a question, you can move it out to a database, and from there you can do anything you want: easy permalinks, searching, and more!

i hope this basic outline helps you, but since you seem to not really know javascript or svelte, that would be your first start (or react + next.js, that is a really nice option too)

help why are there pidgeons everywhere

are you holding a slice of bread?

you don't know the meme where someone asks you "what's 9 + 10" and you're supposed to say "21"?

i know that but i [at the time] forgot that you were referring to an old question. please link questions you are following up on

have you ever written a bad song

i have a few bad songs, one of them is literally built around the idea of bad.

What comes next? 1, 7, Butterscotch, Wednesday, North Korea, ________ ________.

Answers next week.

you should host your own show for this. my guess is 8

i meant as in the meme

i do not know what you are referring to

what are your favourite bill wurtz songs out of the 5 he's released since 2021

more than a dream because the little pause inside of the chorus

How is your relationship going with your gf anyway?


what's 9+10


is there even a password/passcode for the vault

there used to be but i accidentally wiped them all one day. i dont really have much to hide at the moment

Are you a fan of new Canaan and I’m crazy it’s raining

new cannan is good but crazy raining is a song i love so much.

In mayday what is the thing that the children are circulating when they play outside

my girlfriend called it a megaphone, which makes sense as it is what the words are coming out of. you could picture it as whatever other addiction kids are getting into these days (i for one have no idea what stupid thing they're doing)

how's your financial situation, if it's not too personal? how do you plan on being financially stable while still devoting so much time to content, without going into too much detail if u don't want to

its not that obvious but im currently 17, nearing 18, which is extremely nice because i don't have many bills to take care of. my family is quite financially stable, which is why i don't have to spend a large chunk of time working a job to pay stuff, etc. i plan to go to college for something in the computer science field, as it's what i love to do and i'm highly proficient in it, and it just so happens to be that that stuff pays ... a lot. at that point in my life, and also during college (later half of this year), i will definetly have less time to devote to content but i really hope that it will still have SOME amount of time, that way i can get stuff out to the world as i have a lot of ideas in the song writing department. what ive been trying to do for years is automate parts of the workflow so that making things is a quicker ride, but that so far has proven ... less than effective. maybe things will change and i will succeed in my attempts to automate stuff and making videos will be snap snap quick (still many many hours, but less than say 30+ hours per minute of video produced). and of course i accept dontations but you obviously cannot pay bills on $22 a month or something. but im not paying bills with my donations yet; instead that money is going towards a savings account that i cannot really interact with (it's deposit only, unless i get a parent to unlock it for me, which this is only because im a current minor and this restriction clears in a few months). against my will this account was setup, which i think was really smart of my parents, as there is a very healthy amount of "starting adult money" i guess we could call it (will not be sharing actual numbers). i have withdrawn from it only a couple of times, most notably to purchase the current desktop computer i'm using, which felt amazing because it was one of my first real purchases of magnitude, out of "my" own money (slowly collected over years of gifts and some part time work).

it's good enough you probably shouldn't donate to me, as i dont ever plan to rely off that money in any sense.

also i will take this time to say i am thankful to my parents for being nice people and practically giving me the means of being able to produce davecode. not everyone gets that chance and i feel bad for them. and since not everyone gets the shot i have been given, i might as well go as far as i can (what the idea of davecode is).

what programming languages you used to build phoenix write ?

it was written as a sveltekit application. the project is in a really weird stance of "being remade as a different game under the same github repository except i haven't done any of that actual work so its basically the original github repository with a different name but this is the source code for the game you might be looking for.

what's the funniest scene in the video for the mayday song?

you decide that one

any new songs planned


Can you list down all the random sound effects used in the "Mayday" song?

just look at the source file, it doesnt let me copy and paste it.

is anybody currently fangirling/fanboying over you

maybe you are

Do you have any fanboys/fangirls yet?

i know at least one, so i would not be surprised that there are more.

apple music coming soon? no rush tho

will hit stores hopefully by next week

was the person you refer to as "you" in mayday directed towards anyone in particular

in alot of my love-like songs where i mention a "you" character, it's going to be something like someones True Love, and while i would say that the person is to be unknown, i am currently dating someone so that "you" person would be her. if i wasn't dating i'd still have written the song like that, and it would refer to a person i havent met or doesnt exist. if you want to be a fangirl or fanboy or something, you can picture you in that spot, but it will probably not be true lol.

also how did you get the DD/MM/YYYY format for discord message dates, im australian but it defaults to american MM/DD for me

settings -> language -> English, UK. I am not in the UK but i prefer the dates that way, or well i truly love them yyyy/mm/dd but that isnt an option.

is gee open to teaching another aspiring songwriter (i.e. me) chord science or is it just like a friends only benefit

i think that was only because they wanted to help me specifically, which was really very nice. if you are gee's friend you might be able to get something but as with me they are very busy nowadays.

Did a letter G actually teach you chord science? If so, it might be one of these outcomes:

- Gee, a person on the Bill Wurtz server

yeah it was this person. it went like this

fun fact, i also used a photo of some of their concrete in the mayday video.

- You can talk with letters

Which one is it?

https://davecode.net/q+a/220218022226 how did you even GET that many friends?

i literally have no idea, blink once and miss a century.

Why doesn't every section of your songs have 4 measures? eg. "Buildings robbed through the town" and "zombies on the internet" each have 3 measures.

i don't remember being told that 4 measures was the required amount to make a song. but what i do know, is the song feels so right at the timings i wrote / imagined, at least t ome

Even worse: In "I got this thing" the first section with "makes me smile everyday" has only 4.75 measures?!?!?!?!

i dont feel like going back to the file but i don't believe this measurement. it's two parts four lines each.

how many friends do you have

52, but probably more.

how would you say you did for the Mayday song? did it turn out good or bad?

i think it's good in a progression sense. i'm going to be working on improving every aspect of it in my upcoming projects (i have more song ideas).

Is your song intended to chill to?

it's intended to be enjoyed

the song is a HUGE BOP. Where's the MP3 on your website!?!?!

because i havent actually finished the website it doesn't list the download url for it, but it does exist mayday.mp3 .



how does the mayday song end? does it end abruptly like in the "I'm scared" song or properly like "and the day goes on" or a bridge that goes into the end like "mount st. helens" or something?

how about you just listen to the song lol.

How fast can you type

enough for people to notice im a fast typer, but not fast enough that it is a big deal

DAVE. did this just get REAL??? i can sense something BIG happening behind the scenes. i can FEEL it.

i don't know what you are talking about but everything has been real the entire time. if you are refering to the fact im posting more on instagram about the production process, i have been able to work on the arts a little more due to school's exam season ending. i plan to get mayday's video done within the next few weeks. im feeling generous, here's another sneak peak photo for people seeing the questions page

do you know fnf (friday night funkin')?


Can I have permission to use your website code?

no. it's only for learning purposes.

Why "life in 476"? Why not 2022? Why not 1920? Why not 2099?

a year low enough that you can't relate it to real life (humanity did not have smartphones and time travel devices in the fifth century), but it also holds an interesting story in it of itself. for example, it's a leap year.

[redacted: someone's ip address]

please do not post that on my q&a page.

Which of the following matrices are in row echelon form? Which are in reduced row echelon form?
1 3 5
2 3; yeah i'm gonna stop you right there

What's your REAL name?

dave caruso

what's your name?

dave caruso

Best gun in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3?

never played it but i would guess the default one is good enugh

Hello. May I have permission to write a song about Capslaw and have it featured in a special official level for the game?

you have no idea what the game even is, so no (it's a lot more than what you think)

https://davecode.net/q+a/220203002720 NO. I meant a certain Difficulty Spike in phoenix write.

pneumonia and died is so hard from what I remember. I think the the y=mx+7b is really easy

can i get a progress bar for the mayday song/video?


in your opinion what's a common point of failure in Phoenix Write? in my opinion it's the Y += mx13 thing or that stuff.

the fact that the timing's you have to press keys do not always line up with the line in the game. for example, in capslaw the rendering of all this is changing heavily so the line or square that corresponds with the letters will let you see EXACTLY when to type keys. another issue with the current way stuff is visible is the speed changes variably, this is so the spacing between words is the same (though timmy added a lot of manual space); in another project of mine that's using this typing mechanic, we got a very simple solution to getting a constant speed line + normal looking spaces between words.

does capslaw have level editor?!?!?!?!?

yes but if you want to use it right now it then no.

Does a circle have 0 or infinite sides?

it has 24

any plans for you and your girlfriend?

yeah on monday

will you ever make an rss feed?

once i get the everything list done, i'll probably get the discord webhook and rss feed going up (yeah i've had this planned for years just never got to it)

what's the most creative part in the Mayday song and/or video?

the fact that it's being made at all.

programming tips, for beginners? im a beginner and i want to know more.

just start somewhere. i learned a lot of my stuff by making games, then learning web development off of the basic knowledge i had. thing is, you can't really use GameMaker 8 anymore lol.

are the enemies in hatred island supposed to be spiders (top-down) or aliens with antenna and legs? (side view)

you decide.

how does the hate system work in hatred island? at what values of hate do the monsters spawn, and how?

i forgot how it works but i know it gives you a good head start.

any social interaction tips, perhaps?

speak the correct language

why do you have such a high-res screen???