things i'm known for

here is a brief list of the notible things i've done, as the rest of the internet defines "notable" and "popular."

Pheonix, WRITE!


For the Ludwig Jam (2021), a game jam hosted by the livestreamer of the same name, me and a friend made a rage typing game where you type missing letters of his stream's captions. It was featured on stream and on Ludwig's YouTube channel, seen by over 700,000 people, and played over 18,000 times on It placed fourth in over 150 entries, and gave us a prize money of $2,000 to split.

Play the game here. Watch the video below:

Visual Cover of "Money" by Bill Wurtz


A "visual cover" what I call a music video, but for someone else's song. As in, it's a cover, but for only it's visuals. I made one for a song by Bill Wurtz, and because my visual style is very similar to his, it was seen by a lot of his fans as well as mine. At the time of writing, it's one of my most viewed videos on the platform.

Elemental 4


Elemental 4 is a recreation of the game Elemental 3 made with modern web technologies. In the game, you combine multiple "Elements" to create new elements, such as Earth + Air = Dust, and so on. If a combination does not exist, an automated crowdsourcing system is in place to create it. Like the original, I had to shut it down due to technical issues, but in it's run time, over 14,000 elements were created through a grand total of 300,000 votes, with over 5,700 element owners (unique users who sent the first vote for a new element). Since I shut it down due to issues with my backend, it has been forked for more continuations of the game. At some point, I would like to write a blog about all the things I learned making this.

Here is a video of Cary Huang, the original creator of Elemental 3, playing the game:

why do you have such a high-res screen???